Fabric pulls moisture away from your skin. Fabric absorbs and spreads moisture out across fabric to enhance evaporative drying rate - AIR moves in to keep your body cool and dry


Microfleece is a fabric high in quality which helps to maintain natural body temperature while being exceptionally light. Due to advanced technology this fabric allows the skin to breathe easily at the same time wicking the sweat away which makes it perfect for active wear. Microfleece is soft and pleasant for your face


The materials used for production - polyester and microfleece - perfect protection against the cold and maintain the natural body temperature. Regardless of extreme weather conditions products made of microfleece and polyester guarantee comfort and satisfaction.

HOLE IN MOUTH allows for easy breathing

Mouth opening, inside mask, enables easy breathing and steam discharge. This solution does not allow goggles to fog up.

Adapted to the shape of the nose

Deliberately contoured mask gives 100% of comfort - eliminates the pressure on the nose.