The mission underlying establishment of our company is to create products which fulfill highest standards of comfort, technology and design, and are made from best materials. We have always focused on products for active people which ensure them 100% protection against cold and maximum comfort during intensive workout.

We are proud to say that thanks to many months of efforts made by our designers, WOLFACE has achieved these standards.

We have developed products we want to wear OURSELVES.

It has always been our passion to develop and improve our products. We want to share this passion with people all over the world. We want them to make their choice above the average, like ourselves.

WOLFACE is our life style, on the snow and elsewhere. We can assure you that the original finishing and precision of each seamis a feature of handmade products and not of mass production.

The best proof of our professional quality is the growing circle of our customers. They are the best guarantee of safety and quality of co-operation with our firm.

Love and Snow